#333 I look silly in a hat.

It was a rainy, dreary, blustery morning but tomorrow it will be really severe outside so we had to book it to every part of the city to see and do all the things we had planned for tomorrow. Here’s the rundown:

There’s a cozy, real working fireplace in our cottage kitchen. How cute is that?

Waiting for the train. My hair took a steady decline throughout the day from this point.

Fluffy, delicious English muffins for breakfast at the famous Sarabeth’s on the upper west side.

Museum of Natural History. I’m pretty sure they didn’t actually film Night at the Museum here. Which is devastating.

I was irrationally afraid of all the scary stuffed animals. I could not get near this tiger. I just turned my head away and held the camera near its face. I had chills. Swear.

The museum is on Central Park, so we took a stroll and asked a nice older couple to take our photo.
My janky umbrella turned inside out after one gust of wind, so I was forced to buy this ridiculous pink hat from a street vendor:
Don’t hate.

The Rockefeller tree a few hours before the lighting ceremony. It was a MADHOUSE.

Bryant Park—our favorite spot from our honeymoon 2 years ago. Tonight, we bought a new ornament. A blown glass little taxi cab.

Empire State Building

Anne told me I’d love this place called Fish’s Eddy where they sell nothing but vintage reproduction dishes and kitschy kitchen stuff. Oh my goodness—this is what heaven must be like. I bought this sweet platter and a vintage looking tea towel that says ‘The Hamptons’ on it. Precious. Ben found a coffee mug with ‘N’s all over it for 99 cents, so he HAD to have it. Best of all, they ship anywhere so we had it sent directly to our house. This was absolutely my favorite shopping experience in NYC ever.
Then…. Then. As we were crossing 8th Avenue trying to get back to the F train to take us home, a Katrina force gust of wind sucked the Ole Miss hat right off Ben’s head and dragged it through “New York doo doo water”as Ben put it. He refused to put the hat back on, thus revealing his unibomber hair to the free world. Cheers!
My feet hurt in such a way that I’m not sure something isn’t broken. I think they may never recover.