#332 We met some famous folks.

Okay, one was actually famous but one was just famously the best client I’ve ever worked with and absolutely the sweetest girl in New York. I won’t write a ton about today because we’re totally exhausted, but here are some photos of the day:
Good morning, 11th Street! Now you can see what our block actually looks like.

For breakfast we had Balthazar, the acclaimed French restaurant and we met the guy from HBO’s Flight of the Conchords:

World Trade Center used to stand in that blank spot. Eery to say the least.
We had lunch at Katz’s Deli—and happened to get the very table where Meg Ryan and Billy Crystal have THE famous scene in When Harry Met Sally!
Afterward we asked Mr. Katz himself for a photo.

Radio City Music Hall Christmas Spectacular. I want to be a Rockette when I grow up.

Then best of all, we finally met Anne & Josh—my longtime email friend and the best client my little business has ever worked with. Their wedding is going to be featured in Martha Stewart Weddings this spring along with their paper goods by Lucky Luxe. Ben and Josh hit it off right away—they both like flannel. That’s all you need. We met at their swanky Tribeca apartment for hot apple cider and Anne gave me this beautiful little wooden bird that’s a keepsake box for ‘winter wishes’. I think I’m going to turn it into a Christmas ornament so I can always remember we met at Christmas in New York.
After dinner at Schiller’s
Me and Annie! I just LOVE those Lustyans. Such precious people, y’all!
Now we’re going to fall into bed and sleep it off. Tired isn’t the right word for how I feel right now!