#358 Merry Christmas.

Once Clark and Amanda got to mama’s, we opened gifts, and we ate THE biggest steaks I’ve ever seen in my life for lunch (mama was tired of the traditional fare and the clean-up that entails). Thank goodness we got some true blue Christmas weather. They even had snow (it stuck!) in north Miss. Not fair.

Ben and I put this out before we went to bed. Gotta believe to receive.

Christmas morning mess

Ben was pleased.
HELLO. It was sooooooo good, y’all.

The whole family (minus 4). We’re a pretty small group.
After lunch in Laurel, we headed south to Ben’s parents for more Christmas festivities.
How cool is this print of Square Books from Ben’s parents?
The traditional Christmas tracksuit. Legit.
In a Peterbilt hat, you have to man up.

This homemade ornament freaked us out a little bit. Ellie looks more like a sad little elf peeping through the limbs.

Madeline cakes? Twinkies? Tom didn’t go for it either way.
Now it’s bed time for me. All the going, doing, eating, and going and eating has killed my energy to write, so hopefully the pictures will speak for themselves. Merry Christmas!