#36 City love.

(Bottletree Bakery in Oxford, MS by Don Iannone)

Everyone has a certain city that means something to them right? That one place that when you go back to it in your memory, the weather is always a crisp 65 degrees, the air smells like cinnamon rolls, and you can remember exactly how it felt when you were first falling in love and experiencing total independence? Well maybe that was a little specific, but for me, that’s exactly how Oxford feels. We’re finally going back up for a mini-Valentine holiday to see Cary Hudson (my very most favorite musician in the world) next week, and I’ll be taking these with me in hopes of making a sale to Square Books and a few other shops on the Square:

I had the best time making these today. I can’t wait to have one of those saucer-size Bottletree Bakery cinnamon rolls the minute I get into town. Le sigh!