#363 Travelin’.

We finally made it to North Carolina for the New Year’s ski trip. We saw the Lost Sea, explored some caves, ate the most delicious chicken and fixins at Granny’s Chicken Palace (if it sounds hokey, it is), had some pretty adventurous (scary) situations in the snow and ice, but all is well! Forgive me if my posts are lacking this weekend—I’ve got VERY limited internet access.

Could NOT get Gray to stop eating the snow.

My whole life I’ve been seeing signs for ‘THE LOST SEA ADVENTURE!’ along the highway to the mountains, and I’ve always been so curious about what it’s all about. Mickey paid the way for our whole group to see it (woah), and I was terrified the further we walked down into the VERY dimly lit caves. The camera makes it look like noon on the equator compared to how it actually looked. I was both fascinated and horrified. I’m certain there are prehistoric serpents lurking in the crannies.
I’m also certain that another Nessie lives in the Lost Sea. I kept getting shivers down my spine if I thought of how ancient the place was. They’ve found bones in there that are now at the Smithsonian and NY Museum of Natural History. More recently, Civil War soldiers scrawled their signatures and dates on the walls in places. Spooky.