#371 Company.

As y’all know, Ben and I live a very solitary existence in our apartment. All day, it’s just us working in my office, listening to iTunes, eating together, making up jingles about breakfast or showertime or blogs. When someone comes over to see us, it’s kind of huge. We have to put on pants with pockets (as Tom would say) and shoes with soles.

At lunch, Mama incidentally came by in my hour of need and helped me sort through a mishap with a new order.
After our afternoon walk, Father Jeff, the priest from the Episcopal church, came by to finalize the (manly) stationery I’ve been working on for him. He visited a while as I revised his letterhead and calling cards. He and Ben like to talk church and cars and kids and whatnot, and I get to design something that’s outside my daily routine, which is really nice.
After 5, Jim came home from work and walked up to hang out while we got ready to go out to dinner. The older we get, the closer we become and I sometimes forget that he’s not my other brother. It’s so great that he married my college roommate because we’re never lonesome—they’re just a few steps away whenever we want some company.
I guess what I’m saying is, if you ever pass our door and think you’d like to say hello, you should.