#372 Pre-Spring Cleaning.

I’m ashamed to say it’s been a while since I last cleaned house. With all the Christmas insanity, I didn’t have time to sweep the dust bunnies out of the corners or properly store away my Lucky Luxe packing box shipments. Tonight we’re having a dinner party and my mama thankfully stopped by to help Ben and I get everything in tip top shape. He put all of our Christmas stuff in storage, I cleaned up tree needles for about 3 hours, and we’re finally company ready!

Even when they’re clean, our floors look like they belong in a saloon. I like it.

Also, I went and picked up Lucky Bug for some Beetle bopping since it’s a breezy 71 degrees out. I’m already counting the days until it’s officially spring. In fact, I think spring might have replaced fall as my favorite season. Don’t hold me to that or anything, and don’t tell fall I’m cheating on him, it’s just been my feeling about it lately.