#4 Art.

(watercolor by me, of Rowan Oak in Oxford, MS)

Art was an enormous part of my everyday shuffle in college. I would head to Meek Hall in the morning, and leave at sunset covered in clay and charcoal. I guess lately it’s just been hitting me over the head how much I miss participating in art, using my hands instead of a keyboard. This morning, I attended my first meeting with Laurel Arts League, a group of women in my city who organize art events and sponsor the arts in schools and the community. It was exciting to learn I would be a part of the juried student art competition committee for Day in the Park this year. It’s been a favorite festival for me since I was a wee little girl and mama would buy me porcelain hand puppets and wooden rubber band guns at the craft booths.

In addition to this, I proposed at our church staff meeting this morning (well Ben did actually) that I could teach art classes in spring and fall sessions to anyone who’d like to participate, then we could have an art sale at the end of the fall session and give all of the proceeds to a mission project like our connectional church in Bulgaria or to another cause I’d love to support, the International Justice Mission. If I could get back into the swing of making art, that would be a really good thing.

(watercolor by me of the pumpkin patch at St. Peter’s)