#407 Small world.

My sweet mother-in-law (Jookie as her boys lovingly named her) called me last night to tell me about the funniest thing that happened. She was at a meeting and struck up a conversation with a lady whose sister is getting married soon.

Jookie says “OH you know who your sister needs to contact for her wedding invitations?”

When another lady who was in the conversation says “YES! Lucky Luxe—she’s from Mississippi!”

And Jookie’s floored by this — “Lucky Luxe! Yes!”

The lady says, “Oh, you’ve heard of her too!”

Jook says, “Yes! I most certainly have. That’s my daughter-in-law!”

So now they’re becoming friends and we find out that this nice lady, Sally, has been reading my blog for nearly a year. She saw the article about our house on Apartment Therapy, clicked over to Lucky Luxe, then found Make Something Good Today from my work blog.
She called me this afternoon because she got my number from Jook and happened to be in our neck of the woods. We missed each other today, but I did get to overcome my shyness and meet someone really gracious and kind over the phone. She’s into art and all things crafty too, so I think we’re planning to meet up next time I’m on the coast visiting the fam.
How do you like that? Hi Mrs. Sally!