#417 Pro Bono.

I never realize what a design rut I’ve been in until I get a fresh, new project that is totally unrelated to weddings. Today we had an amazing promotion committee meeting for Laurel Main Street that got me so fired up to work on some new designs for upcoming events and fundraisers, that I just sat down after dinner and whipped up:
I got to design a new logo for t-shirts and collateral and posters for the farmers’ market this summer that will be printed on kraft paper
Until you step outside your norm, you can’t know what kind of progress you’re making as an artist. This was so much fun for me because it helps me see how I’ve grown since I graduated from college 3 years ago. We did projects like this all the time—branding, posters… Since I don’t often work in those mediums anymore I can’t know if I’m losing my touch or getting better. Does that make sense? Whew. Sleepy time!