#423 College girl.

I love facebook for the simple fact that I can click over to my photo albums and see photos I took when I was a college girl, having the time of my life. When I graduated, I was heartbroken to leave my roommates, my sweet friends I had made and shared my life with for a few years. When I think back on it, my heart aches a little. I feel afraid I’m getting old, that life is downhill after this. But really, I don’t think that can be. I think life has been more fulfilling every day that passes, and I feel more like myself the older I become. But man it’s fun to remember:
Sister Hazel concert in Starkville with Josh and Rebecca

Ben’s first trip as a youth minister, and we dress them up with whiskey bottles and guns. Oh law. Sadder still, every one of these kids are upperclassmen in college now. My babies!!!

Ben at my apartment in Memphis. I interned at Red Deluxe and learned everything I needed to know about design that summer.

My last night living in Memphis. We went walking down my street.

Playing a show in the Grove for Invisible Children
Playing a show at Parish Baker Pub. I met Gary Baseman that week, a world famous artist who stuck Toby, his doll sculpture on my amp for the night.

My 22nd birthday with Rebecca and Mallorie. I had no idea Mal and I would someday be neighbors and family.

My senior thesis exhibit with my best friends from Ole Miss. The night Mallorie met Jim.
We could never get a decent picture, but this was fall in the Grove on LSU game day. It was a beautiful weekend.
My last semester at Ole Miss, he asked me to be his wife on the balcony at Square Books.

Ben’s birthday, the day after he proposed.