#435 BuhBuhBuhBennie & The Rev.

I bounded out of bed at 7:30 (EARLY AGAIN!) this morning because my favorite in-laws were coming by for breakfast on their way up north. They don’t often come to our house so I was excited to get to cook something for them. When they came in I gave Jookie a hug and she smelled just like that wonderful sunscreen from childhood. It made me itch for a beach trip.

Later, she told me why she smelled like sunscreen which was an entertaining story in itself (Frizz-Ease or face moisturizer? Oops!). I’m so thankful to have the kind of in-laws that don’t stress me or nag us, that have embraced me for being exactly the way I am since the day we met (when my hair was 3 inches long):
I know some people don’t have a great relationship with their spouse’s family—but I have always felt at home with them. Like I could unbutton my britches at the dinner table. You know what I mean?