#439 Lake Eddins.

We finally had a little free time today so we went with the Patricks back to Lake Eddins (this time with a member card so we could actually enter the gate), and I was able to see the things I remember from childhood in the clear light of adulthood.
Here it is! My parents built this little fishing cabin when I was in about the 4th grade. I remember everything about the inside, and I could feel exactly how to get there even though it’s been so long since I was there. In my mind, I could see the turn in the road right before our driveway, the green roof. I’ve not seen a photo of the place since we were there. How amazing are our brains and memories?!
Mama and I would take walks and one time she stopped at the dogwood tree on our driveway and told me about how it was the Easter tree because the 4 petals are tinged the color of blood at the tips (to remind us of the crucifixion), it only blooms at Easter, and the cross was made from this wood (so they say—who knows if that’s true). This is the very tree where I learned this magical thing.
The view of the back of our house from the other side of the lake. The porch wasn’t screened in when it was ours.
This was my favorite little house we saw today.
The lake store is where my daddy taught me to always eat a hamburger without ever putting it down, or eat it while holding it in the wrapper. It falls apart otherwise. The things we remember!
So good to compare the way I’ve remembered it all this time to the way it actually it is.