#451 Car Saturday/Porch Saturday.

I pride myself in being a quasi-car girl. By that I mean I have a real interest in pretty, old cars. I love to look at them, ask questions about them, but I don’t care to learn to work on them or anything. We spent the afternoon at a car show which is quickly become one of my favorite weekend pastimes.

Afterward, the weather was so perfect when we went to visit my grandmother that we sat a spell on the porch with her. Tomorrow is her 88th birthday party and I relished snapping a few photos of her today, just so I can always remember exactly how it feels to sit on that porch with her. My family has been sitting on that porch for years and years, and when I think of her, this is how I see her. In her chair, just coming in from a day in her garden.
Her blue eyes are… disarming. Seriously. I can’t even think of a word for it.