#461 State of the Union & Shower invites.

Today was a “2 good things” sort of day. Well, like most days there really were tons of good things but I’ll write about only 2 tonight.
Have you ever sat down with your husband and had a State of the Union? Real talk. I know about the daily grind, the ups and downs of each day, but rarely do we sit and talk about the current status of our life in generalized areas, and what we’re planning for the future. Last night I said “Hey Mitter, talk to me. State of the Union—work. The youth program,” (which he said was “booming,” so that’s awesome). From there we talked about how his schoolwork is going, about Laurel Main Street, and finally about what the plan for the future is if (when) he ages out of youth ministry someday (someday far from now, youth parents!).
It felt amazing to lay it all out on the table without hesitation. For someone who loves to talk, he hardly ever tells me his worries or his ideas. I bet we slept better last night than we have in weeks. You really MUST try having your own State of the Union.
Also, Hope’s basket shower invites? In the mail, baby!