#494 Non-wedding work.

Today, I got to see a fun piece I recently designed for Laurel Main Street that just rolled off the presses:

The front of the brochure is a set of double doors…

The inside gives great information about all the improvements that have been happening in our hood in the last couple years.
Hopefully it will inspire people to donate their time and dollars to the continued revitalization of downtown. It seems like the ball is definitely rolling faster than ever before with so many buildings being renovated and repainted in the last couple months. I hope we don’t lose steam!
I also got to spend some time today working on another project that’s near and dear to me. Blue Mountain is without a doubt my favorite band in the world. A little over a year ago, we finally met Cary Hudson, the singer of the band who is now a solo act. We’ve been to every show he’s played near home, so he was bound to meet us eventually. It sounds like we were sort of stalking him when I write it down… Anyway, the meeting became a quasi-friendship and then we exchanged phone numbers and now he and Ben talk about growing up in Sumrall, Mississippi where they both worked at the same hay farm (just a couple decades apart).
Once he mentioned that he loved Ben’s letterpress calling cards and would like some of his own. His music has been the soundtrack to our life for so much of our relationship, I offered to make him some free of charge. He promised us a free show in exchange whenever we want, so I’m tickled pink. I won’t reveal the designs yet, but I’m SUPER excited about where they’re headed. Very Americana, show poster-type design. I hope to have the printed cards to show y’all soon!