#521 Terrible Creek.

After the annual Napier family reunion, Ben, Tom, Sam & Jesse brought us girls for the first time to their favorite childhood swimming hole. When they were little boys, they’d spend their summer days swimming Terrible Creek deep in the woods on their grandparents’ land. I was scared to death of coming across a snake, but no such calamity occurred. I even waded in to my knees and was pleasantly surprised to find that the spring-fed water Ben swore would turn you blue was just a bit cooler than the Gulf of Mexico or a shady swimming pool. With Conway Twitty and John Anderson blaring from the truck, we had a big time watching the boys make the 10 foot leap into the bend.
Terrible Creek
Ben and Tom.

You can’t be too careful in tall grass.

Allison at the halfway mark of her pregnancy. We can’t wait to meet Harper!
The first one brave enough to make the jump was Tom.
They could toss Jared like a sack of taters. Easy peasy.
The Wild Flying Mitter
Lyn and I watched from the bank for a while taking pictures before the heat forced us into the water too.
Ellie Claire and Aunt Awwyson
He’s not posing. That’s his natural posture.