#54 I heart Patches.

Y’all know I have a Patagonia problem, don’t you? Well… I do. In this house, we call them Patches. Here’s the evolution: Patagonia > Patcha-gone-ya > Patches.

Today, I added to my collection and I now own 6 Patagonia fleeces. Well 5 really, since one of those is a rain jacket… And if we count Ben’s we’re up to 7! Yikes. Spring better come soon before I spend all our savings.

(Reversible Patagonia fleece Snap-T on sale for $69)

I feel like a teddy bear in this thing. Mmmmmmmmmm… Cozy! Wait, can we say I have 7 of my own since this one’s reversible?? Wow. The cost per wear just got so much lower. 2 for the price of 1.