#540 Rehearsal.

We’re almost there! Tonight was the rehearsal for Hope and Jonathan’s wedding and we. Had. A. Ball. I’ll let the pictures do the talking, but just know that occasions like this make me love being a southerner where at rehearsal dinners you get barefoot, the sweet tea flows, there’s gonna be a banana pudding, and the country cover band plays Sweet Home Alabama.

Ole Sammy showed up to scope things out before he shoots the wedding tomorrow. Love that guy!

Leah Canada and Hopey

D-Daddy Leonard telling Ben a good story I’m sure.

At Landrum’s Country there is the “Mystery House.” It absolutely lives up to its name because I can’t figure out how it works. You walk into this little house that’s built sideways and sort of down into the ground, and gravity is messed up. It pulls you to the left so you have to lean hard to the right to stay balanced. I was madly dizzy and unable to stand, and it kept feeling like I was falling backward. We were all mystified by it and kept trying things (hanging from a bar, your legs go out in front of you. WEIRD. I got pure sick from it and had to take a Dramamine. I am my mother’s daughter, huh?

Obviously, Jonathan couldn’t get the hang of standing up in it either.

Then there was volleyball match and the gals kicked off their high heels and got barefoot in the grass. My dearest husband just got extra, super, out of control sweaty. Cause that’s how he rolls.

At least he buttoned most of it back up. He was nearly shirtless at a point.