#545 Campin’.

Turns out I’m pretty adventurous. Against my better judgement, I went tubing with the youth in Helen, Georgia and was pleasantly surprised! The water wasn’t cold at all—just perfect for a hot summer day. It was totally relaxing and I have finally determined that my absolute favorite thing that God created are trees. They’re what make the summer time bearable, the fall fall, the spring spring. A gift in no uncertain terms. As I lay on the overinflated tube I stared into the canopy of bright green trees with sunshine filtering and dappling through while the quietly rushing water made me feel like sleeping down the river. Oh, it was amazing.

Okay, there were a couple less peaceful rapids. It was sooo much fun!

After this photo was taken, we sat around a campfire, made s’mores and sang to the guitar. If this ain’t campin’, what is?