#555 Volkswagen Acrobatics.

Continuing in the modification of my beloved 1971 Beetle, Ben installed new Retro Sound speakers up front so I can now hear music when driving. Yay! Before, there were just 2 box speakers behind the back seat which were barely audible with the top down.
I love the awkward positions he gets in to mechanic on my little car.
And now, just because I’m on the subject and he is one of my very favorite subjects, here are some pictures I took of Ben mechanicking our senior year of college at Ole Miss. I took these photos for a school project, and I love them.
Isn’t he so handsome?
Anyway, back to 2011. I helped where I could by trimming some carpet around the speaker panel.
Then, with the help of this diagram I found on the Samba:
and Ben’s instructions, I was able to finally take one of his least favorite tasks off his hands forever. My car is frequently blowing fuses leaving me without a horn or brake lights. He has always had an IMPOSSIBLE time contorting his huge body on the ground, through the door, into the floorboard and under the dash to feel around (then holler and cuss) and blindly replace fuses. I thought I might try lying in the seat upside down and seeing if I could do it for him. Easy as pie! He was so happy he could cry when I handed him a burned up fuse and asked him to hand me a new one to replace it. In less than a minute, it was fixed. I am woman. Hear me roar.
After a few hours and a TON of sweat, he got me all fixed up. And now, at the end of the day, I can listen to Under Pressure with the top down at a decibel that would make my mama cringe. I am so thankful for Ben who can do just about anything in the whole wide world.