#56 Taking Care of Business.

On days like this when I’m in the office quiet as a church mouse and Ben’s in the guest room working at his desk, if one of us asks “what you doing?” the other might say “TCB.” And that’s how I can gauge the amount of actual work that’s happening. Ben and I had one seriously productive day, a real TCB kind of day. I am kind of shocked by everything we crossed off the lists today, so I’m going to post it so I will never forget:

1. Laurel Main Street meeting at 8:00 am.
2. Returned some client phone calls.
3. Ran to the grocery, then ate waffles.
4. Ben went to talk to several sponsors for the pie festival/car show.
5. Sent final proofs to Michelle & Dusty.
6. Received 3 new orders.
7. Sent deposit invoices for said orders.
8. Designed a postcard for Orange City, New Jersey.
9. Updated the Lucky Luxe blog because we now offer EDGE PAINTING!
10. Updated the Lucky Luxe catalog to include said edge painting
11. Ate cereal for lunch (at 1:30 pm)
12. Designed guest addresses for Jeremy & Ashley’s outer envelopes.
13. Met with my calligrapher friend Holly (Elizabeth’s mama!) to talk about Anne’s invites
14. Designed branding for Shorty’s soon-to-be event planning business
15. Wrapped up 2 orders, shipped 1 of them (thanks, Benny boy!)

And now… Bubble bath and bedtime!