#561 Hey Daddy.

On Wednesday Ben and I rode down to the beach with mama and she made plans to stay today when we left because daddy was coming down after work tonight so they could spend the weekend. We left this afternoon around 2 o’clock and took our time, exploring Fairhope, Alabama along the way.
Eventually we made it down to Buckatunna, about an hour from home and Ben pulled into a gas station for a drink. I was waiting in the car for a bit and started people watching (which is very entertaining in our part of the country) when I noticed a man filling up his car. I could only see his back, but immediately he was familiar to me. I knew him from the corner of my eye by his posture and then I knew it was my daddy, on his way to meet mama at the beach. I jumped out of the car and ran to him, excited by the serendipity of it—seeing a person I see nearly every day in a place and time I didn’t expect him. He was excited too, saying “well HEY darlin’!” and gave me a big hug. And this small event made my day.