#564 Ocean Water & Down to You.

I had a really intense workday devoted exclusively to the new 20 page Laurel Main Street booklet we’re working on and I was feeling sort of down by the end of it… Then Ben surprised me with my favorite drink in the world, an Ocean Water from Sonic, and said we would be watching my favorite cheesy high school movie, Down to You.
In high school I loved this movie because Julia Stiles goes to college in New York, majors in art and becomes a book jacket designer. My dream! Watching it now, I could blush it’s so corny, but I still love everything about that silly movie. When Imogen and Al are getting to know each other in the beginning it makes me miss our own budding college love story (and I know exactly how corny that is too).
Ben was kind enough not to poke fun at the horrible acting and kept insisting he really, seriously wanted to watch it. He even squeezed my hand at the extra ooey gooey romantic parts. I love him because he always knows the very thing I need to feel better. I hope you have someone in your life who can do that, too.