#569 Book Shopping.

First of all, my cousin Steve and his awesome kids made their annual trip home from Missouri and we had a great time at mama’s with her side of the family. Here I am with my handsome little cousins, Emily and Seth, and my mama:
Me and Em! I just adore that girl:
Tonight we found this book on the $2 shelf at Books-A-Million and I couldn’t help myself:
Daddy and I watched Tommy Boy over and over until we memorized all the lines, we laughed until we cried when he was Matt Foley on SNL, then I just cried (seriously) when he died in 1997. It was more than my 12 year old heart could stand. He was just so loveable! I hear this is a really moving book written by his brother and family members and I’m intrigued. I’ll let you know if it’s worth a read!