#573 Stormy weather & pie.

Isn’t it the best to be at home during a storm? I mean, nothing makes home feel better than a thunderstorm pounding on your windows and everything quiet, safe and sound inside. It was a day like that and I couldn’t think of anything better than the smell of pie in the oven, especially since I had a whole bunch of daddy’s pears and apples on my counter. I was home alone all day with Ben gone on his staff retreat and I finished my work early. So. I made pies. And I was barefoot. And I listened to the Avett Brothers while I did it. I sliced pears and green apples and tossed them with sugar. I poured caramel in the crust and sprinkled it with salted and toasted chopped pecans. I baked a pie for us to share with Mal and Jim and a pie for mama, daddy and mammaw to share.
Our house smelled like Home all evening. Pies are good for you.
Almost finished with the Chris Farley bio and it has been the most fascinating thing I’ve ever read.