#593 Me and Ben.

I love doing stuff with Ben. Any ole stuff will do.
We have a big time as long as we’re together.
We say “same team” then sorta fist bump our wedding rings. A lot.
He helps me do things. Like getting things off the top shelf. Putting up his shorts in the closet because I can never reach. Cuttin’ the onions. Stompin’ the spiders. Movin’ the furniture.
He could pick me up and carry me a mile probably. He’s really strong. I’m sure glad for it.
He hugs me about 50 times every day. Every day. No matter what.
He’s gentle with his words and slow to criticize. I want so bad for that to rub off on me.
He won’t say where he wants to eat because he wants me to pick, but I don’t like making decisions so it’s always late when we eat. That’s okay, cause we go to bed late.
He always smells good. I think it’s cause he shampoos and conditions his beard twice a day. People ask if it bothers me, but it’s the only way I’ve ever known his face. I love that ole sea captain beard. Today he got a haircut. Isn’t he handsome?
He always shares his food. I always eat his food. I share mine with him because I feel guilty if I don’t. He knows it, and doesn’t usually try to eat my food. But he should, cause I’d let him.
When he teaches the youth group, he teaches me too.
He kisses the top of my head when I’m working. He tells me he loves me. And I love him right back.
I hope that when we’re old, babies will think he is Santa Claus.
He’s always happy. All the time. It makes me happy to live with him, shuffling around our house together all day every day.
He’s my best friend. What would I do without him?