#605 The Gospel Truth.

Have you ever been to a gospel sing? Ben thought it would be fun for our church to have a camp meeting Sunday morning in August since it’s so hot out and much easier to dress casually, and our choir director, Joey, went to town on the idea. Our usual late service is formal, with robes and acolytes and absolutely NO CLAPPING during the service.
Well, today Joey seriously shook up our normal programming with a singing extravaganza of old timey hymns, spirituals and quartet numbers. There was even an awesome bluesy/jazzy guitar hymn solo by a very talented elderly gentleman. I designed fan programs for the occasion, but the air conditioner actually worked so well for the first time all summer that we didn’t even need them.
Well, Ben needed them.

Afterward, there was a potluck lunch of course!

Have I ever told you how much we love our church family?
Quotes heard during the very loud, very crowded lunch (party):
“My hair is growin’ like a weed since the doctor put me on these hormones!”

“Is that potato salad or pineapple salad?”

“She’s playin’ hookie this morning. Got that new dog yesterday, you know.”

“This spice cake is low carb.”

“Now don’t joke about her! She’s DEAD!”

“Lord, I’m gone set up my office right here over this air conditioner vent.”

“I am the Dillard’s bargain queen. Are you, too?!”

“Dearheart, you are looking fabulous this morning. How’s your mama?”

“She got a Chinese roommate named Chow Chow, but she wants to be called Sophia.”

“Is that a breast or a thigh? Lord, it’s all runnin’ together.”

Hope your Sunday was a great one too with family, friends and lots of calories!