#621 The house.

First of all, as if there’s a soul left in Jones County who doesn’t know which house we’re buying, I finally feel like it’s safe to share it with the free world. The house appraised today for what we were hoping, and we close on September 30. Eeeeeeeeek! We’re so excited!

This is how it happened. We told Mrs. Mary Lyn, the sweet lady from our church, that we loved her house so much. That if she ever decided to move, to please call us because we would love to buy it. It’s been one of my dream houses since junior high school, even though I had never seen the inside. She walked us through it and I fell even more in love. We made dream plans for our 5 -10 year future which always included hopefully living in that perfect yellow craftsman cottage. Not 2 weeks later, Mrs. Mary Lyn’s daughter called to ask if we would seriously like to buy it because she’s tired of keeping up a yard and is thinking of moving into a condo where she won’t have to worry about a thing.
Then we were in a bind. You KNOW how we love this loft. We couldn’t imagine leaving this, our first home. We prayed about it. We cried about it. We knew that if we didn’t buy the yellow cottage now, we might never have the chance again (we’ve heard lots of folks have wanted to lay claim to it, just like us). We imagined someone else buying it, and that was heartbreaking too. We can afford it now and interest rates are lower than they’ve ever been right now. So. We’ve decided we’ll skimp on eating out and shopping and keep the loft for Lucky Luxe. It might be scary keeping up 2 houses, but we can do it. Who else loves old buildings enough to do it? If anyone can, it’s the Napiers.
So, we’re about to start this new journey as homeowners and we’ll need all the prayers you can send our way. We’re utterly thankful because we know exactly how tough it is to find your dream home (you can ask Annalee and Chad who’ve been shopping for almost 2 years). We know this was a God thing, him handing us such an opportunity, so now we’re just listening for what’s next. It’s a scary step, but an important one. We can’t wait to sign the papers. I can’t wait to share breakfast with Ben each morning sitting right here:
Then I’ll put on real clothes, and leave the house to go to work for the first time in nearly 2 years. It’s going to seriously shake up our routine, but hopefully in a good way!
In other news, because we’re buying a house which requires real furniture, table progress was made today. We got all the old columns cut down, the framing cut, and it’s all painted and drying now: