#630 Healthbreak.

Early this morning I got a phone call from Brooke, the sweet gal from PR at South Central Regional Medical Center. I contributed a painting of Lauren Rogers Museum of Art to The Art of Healing auction in March,
and they asked me to speak on the Healthbreak episode coming up in January featuring the art auction. She also told me the filming would be today at 3:00. I understand what it’s like to scramble for help at the last minute, so I knew I had to ignore my nervousness about being on TV to help her get it done. I was really anxious about what I would say, but ultimately the questions they asked pertained to getting local artists involved for next year’s auction, which was pretty easy to talk about.
I basically said this:

I think that if you have this God-given talent, then it’s your responsibility to use it to better your community however you can. If you can meet a need by simply giving your time and talent, you’re essentially saving someone’s life by helping raise the funds for free public health screenings. Why would you not do it? It’s a rewarding experience any way you look at it.

The episode will air in January, but I’ll keep you posted if I hear more details.
And if anyone besides my mama and grandmother would like to see it.