#632 Surprise!

Ben is turning 28 tomorrow, and our friend Dave is turning 38 tomorrow.
So for the first time ever, I decided to throw a surprise party. Thank goodness Jim and Mal co-hosted because there’s no WAY I could’ve figured this out on my own.
Surprise! He just kept saying, “Everyone is here! EVERYONE!”
Daddy came to a nighttime function, so you know it was a big deal.
The birthday boys:

Lies I told in order to make this happen:


1. Don’t look at my computer! I’m ordering one of your birthday presents! (Checking the private facebook party page.)
2. We need to be back from your grandparents in time for me to mail a sample to a client. (We have to be back in time for the surprise party).
3. I guess I will mail Allison’s baby gift since we won’t see them before Harper comes. (They’re staying with us tonight, so I’ll leave the gift in the guest room for her.)
4. I’ve got to go to Mallorie’s to wrap your gifts. (To bake your birthday cake.)
There were so many, I can’t think of them all.
Now, we’ve got a house full of family spending the night so I’m going to visit! Happy early birthday, love!