#651 Scary movie.

I have no idea why we do this to ourselves, but it makes autumn feel real and Halloween eminent to watch a scary movie.

Mallorie’s at the Canton flea market, so Jim’s a bachelor for the night and we thought it would be wise to watch The Haunting in Connecticut. I don’t know what I imagined it would be like, but it was horrifying. It was rated PG-13 which tells me the ratings people are getting pretty lax, cause I don’t know any 13 year old who could handle that without sleeping with their mamas that night.

We begged Jim to come sleep over at our house, but he said he’d be fine. I wasn’t worried about him, I just wanted my big cousin sleeping in our house with us so it wouldn’t feel so scary.

The great thing about this is, even though our loft is 100 years old, as soon as I was in the happy glow of our kitchen I felt immediately at ease and like this building is just bricks and wood and our things and there is absolutely nothing to fear. Especially when all I have to do is say a little prayer and God is right there with me. Isn’t that nice?

So I guess that means we can watch The Exorcist this year.