#654 Mama’s Birthday, the Pumpkins & Lights.

Many great things happened today, despite the particularly tough cold I’m currently battling:

1. Today is my sweet mama’s birthday. We had dinner and watched Ole Miss take a dismal loss to Bama. We’ll get ’em next year!

2. Ben set up the landscape lights and it has TOTALLY changed the look of our craftsman cottage! He crawled on his belly beneath the house despite his claustrophic fears to run the wiring underneath and I am SO thankful that he did. It’s so lovely! It highlights the best architectural features of the house—the crafstman eaves and rafters. Porch furniture—coming up next!

3. The pumpkins came 4 hours early, but because we have so many AWESOME youth and youth parents, it wasn’t any problem to unload all 2,000 of them in 2 hours’ time at last minute’s notice. Pumpkin time is the most wonderful time of the year!




Now, it’s bedtime. I pray I can sleep through the sinus issues tonight!