#657 Sick Day Ministries.

It seems like I’ve been puny for a really long time now, doesn’t it? I’ve had a sinus/cold issues for about 5 weeks now that got really bad last week. Then last night I woke up around 1 am with one of those really intense stomach aches I get from time to time that come out of the blue and lasts about 6 hours. I didn’t want to wake Ben who was sleeping soundly, so I grabbed a blanket and crept into the living room. I stretched out on the shag rug, twisting and turning trying to feel better or at least somewhat comfortable. I watched TV all night long. King of the Hill, the Twilight Zone, Family Guy, informercials.

The pain started to subside and I was able to go back to bed around 5:30 and I woke up at 10 am. Annalee was sending me messages this morning worrying about me since I’m usually up by 8:30, hard at work. Ben told her I was sleeping in since I had been sick all night, and she was sweet enough to bring over a pot of my favorite thing in the world—her delicious ranch stew.

I know her to-do list today is completely insane so I was bowled over by the thoughtfulness of it and how much trouble she went to. Food is always Annalee’s ministry I think, whether or not she’d say that. She’s an amazing cook and best of all she gives it to the people she loves whenever there’s a reason (or no reason at all) to cheer them up. What a blessing!

When she left, Ben and I finished our lunch and washed our bowls. Then he did this thing that I would say is his greatest ministry to me, personally. He knows just what to do when I’m feeling bad or tired. He leaned against the counter and took me in his arms and gave me this quiet, sweet hug that lasted several minutes. We didn’t talk. He tucked my head under his chin against his chest and held me tight. He rubbed my back in gentle circles. He kissed my cheek and ear. He told me, “I love you sweet girl.”

And that.

Is how to feel better on a sick day.