#656 Bargain shopping.

I made 3 awesome bargain purchases today for the house that I am dying to tell you about!

1. The Bethany Lowe Halloween cathead that I’ve been wanting since August. Originally $89, bought for $55 at the Antique Mall on 40% markdown:

We’ll serve candy from it on Halloween at the new house. So excited!

2. 3′ x 10′ jute rug for the entryway. Originally $99 bought on clearance from Home Decorator’s Outlet, for $43.99:

3. 7′ x 9′ hand-spun jute area rug for under our dinner table, also from Home Decorator’s Outlet. Originally $269, bought for $132.99.

THEN at checkout I used a $20 off promo code and also got free shipping.

Let’s do the math.

For $266

I bought about $477 worth of beautiful stuff for the house. Great success.