#661 The Great Find.

Yesterday on the way to Tupelo we stopped by the 2 antique flea markets outside Meridian and bought 3 ladder back chairs, a huge solid wooden chest from the 1920s, a picking crate, and a solid oak mission-style buffet from the early 1900s for a total of $495. Today while we were running around Tupelo getting lunch, we came across a second-hand consignment shop where we found a solid oak rolling desk chair for $25.

What I can’t tell you about is The Great Find. We found something that we absolutely could not pass up. Something for Jesse that he will love forever in some form or another. We snatched it up, and walked out of there with an awesome deal. I’d love to tell you what it is, but since it’s his birthday present you’ll have to wait until after November 1.

It was awesome. Call us the bargain king and queen if you see us this week.