#664 Chad’s Cake.

Today is Chad’s birthday and since Annalee was sweet enough to bring me a pot of ranch stew last week, I told her I would be happy to bring a from-scratch red velvet cake for his birthday dinner. I really wanted to try Ben’s birthday cake again to see if I could figure out how to keep the center from falling in the oven, and great news… It turned out just perfect this time. I guess when the recipe doesn’t call for baking powder you really shouldn’t put it in there even if you fancy yourself smarter than the cookbook. Lesson learned.

I tried using a little stencil thingy to decorate and it turned out pretty good, but next time I think I’ll use a more powdery decorative sugar. This was for sure the best cream cheese frosting I’ve ever made. It was the perfect consistency. 


Happy birthday, Chad!