#669 Chicago & the stand mixer.

After baking last week, I realized how much I really do enjoy baking (when it turns out right). Which made me really really want a retro Kitchenaid stand mixer like Mallorie’s, but it’s hard to justify such a huge purchase when my hand mixer does just as well, it’s just inconvenient. All my friends have one, which seems sort of like a symbol of their supreme womanhood, leaving me feeling sorely inadequate in that respect. So I put out a cry for help on facebook and urged any of my friends who might have one they rarely use to let me buy it from them.

Wouldn’t you know our friend Mickey comes through with one that I can just HAVE free of charge?

For payment, he only asks that I promise to bake him a cake in the future. That’s my kind of deal. I am a serious believer in the bartering system, even though this isn’t an equal trade in any way. I can’t WAIT to make my family a red velvet masterpiece!

Also, this afternoon Ben, Hope, her Aunt Ammie and I saw Chicago at Jones. It brought back extremely fond memories for me, playing one of the jailbird murderesses in 2004 at LLT.

All that jazz:
When you’re good to Mama, Mama’s good to you:
Pop, six, squish, uh uh, Cicero, Lipschitz!
All Billy Flynn cares about is love:
Oh yes oh yes oh yes they both oh yes they both oh yes they both reached for the gun the gun the gun:
Roxie Hart:
The fella playing Roxie’s husband, Amos, stole the show. Here’s his solo, Mr. Cellophane:

Today’s sets (by our friend Adam Trest) and the talent were unreal and I felt like I was seeing the movie played out live in front of me. I never cared for the broadway version with their boring black costumes, but I’m a huge fan of the Rob Marshall movie.

I wanna play Roxie when I grow up. Am I too late?