#689 We may not win the game.

But we never lose the party.

My poor ole Rebs took a tough loss to LSU tonight, but that’s not important.

What is important about this game is that on this weekend in 2007, Jim met Mallorie and I bought my wedding dress. 1 year after that, I was wearing that wedding dress and Jim gave Mallorie a diamond ring. It’s a special weekend in the life of our family, so we all went to mama and daddy’s to “watch” the game on the deck to commemorate it. We mostly told funny stories and heard even funnier ones about all daddy’s years as a physical therapist (those dang prosthetics’ll gitchoo!), we ate queso and BBQ pork, and we sat around the fire pit while Ole Miss got a whipping on national television.

Even at the end of the 3rd quarter, daddy was prepared for our comeback. God bless him. We’ll get em next year, Raz.