#694 Thanksgiving.

We just got back into town and we’re exhausted, so here’s the rundown of the day’s events in photos (at least the first part of it, then I forgot my camera until 9 o’clock. Typical):

Thanksgiving 2011 calls for throwing the football:

Or is it 1964?

The food:

The little woman responsible for this huge spread:

My best-ever red velvet cake:

“Mammaw, have you ever ridden in this old car?” … “A few times.”

Now for the Chevy portion of the show:

After a walk through the trails to Aunt Phyllis’s house, big boy discovered that heaven is a ginormous leaf pile with little children to jump in it with:

My first cousins Steve and Kelsa. LOVE them!

Chevy ran ahead of the group walking back and was give out:

We headed to the coast for our next Thanksgiving stop and at nearly bedtime, Uncle Ben the baby whisperer got newborn Harper (look closely for her!) to fall fast asleep when no one else could. This is good information.

Happy Thanksgiving, y’all!