7 Times That Erin Napier and Her Daughters Melted Our Hearts

It's no secret that Erin Napier is one of the most nostalgic and sentimental people in the world. She is a self-proclaimed softie and quite often focuses on the magical moments in ordinary days. (She wrote an entire book about this, actually!)

From Ben's handwritten notes every morning to the scent of her grandmother's rose garden, we could learn a lesson or two from her gratitude and attention to the little things in life. That's why we've collected a few moments that have melted our hearts lately. 



Erin says, "Isn’t it wild to watch yourself as a child relived through your own kids? Helen is me. 4 costumes a day, Pippi and ET, constant music for her life’s soundtrack, an imagination that creates wild worlds where she can become a leopard or a trapeze artist moment to moment. The chatty then shy performer, tender as raw biscuit dough when there’s a cross word, marching to her own drum regardless of what the other kids are doing. Lord, help us through the teenage years. Amen."  



Erin is a talented artist and creative person, and she often encourages her daughters to try new things and extra curricular activities. From a very young age, she and Ben put finger-paints in front of Helen and Mae to express themselves.



Erin uses her Instagram profile as a "digital scrapbook" and loves to mark important milestones in her girls' life.

Recently, she posted this photo of Mae in front of her toys and captioned, "Mae turned one year old a couple weeks ago. She says Dada, Mama, Yaya, mmmm (for milk!), Hen (Helen!), hey! Her favorite book is Goodnight Moon, her favorite food is banana, when she hugs my neck she sighs “ooooh. oooooh.” She loves to dance, and could walk by herself if she would let go of my one finger she believes keeps her on her size 3 feet. She is my adventurous one, fearless, climbing and falling, but always ready to get back up and try it again. So thankful for this angel girl’s life."





Erin is always honest about her braiding skills, but never fear, Helen is her momma's biggest fan and encourager.

Erin writes, "I cannot French braid. I have tried and I have tried. I watched all the youtube videos. I can paint and I can make pottery but my hands are absolutely unable to braid my daughter’s hair. After trying for 30 minutes, this is what I had done and I was supremely frustrated."



She continues, "Helen asked to see a picture of it, and I showed her this. She cringed so slightly, raised her hand to touch it, smiled big and said, “Oh mommy you did such a good job. It’s still pretty.” And my eyes watered and I told her I would take it out if she didn’t like it, and she said, No! I love it. It IS a French braid. You’re a good mommy."

Between the Mississippi heat and these sweet moments, your heart is as good as a puddle on the floor right now. 

P.S. — Want to read more of Erin's writing? Try Erin's new book and New York Times Best Seller, The Lantern House