#701 The Tree Farm.

Since we now own a home in the historic district, we’ll get to participate in the gorgeous tradition of putting up a Christmas tree on the front lawn. Last year, I wrote a post about it and if you’ve never seen the avenues all decked out, you have to read it now.

And so today we made the short trek to Moselle to Smith’s Christmas Tree Farm (alternately titled Heaven in Ben’s world) to pick out the perfect, full, tall and proud *read:cheapest* Christmas tree we could find on the farm. If you’ve never been there before, please please go and take your family and do it. You’ll never want to skip on a real tree ever again! They have tons of different species and sizes.

Oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy!


Wait, this one’s $50. Not the one.

Look at this sick little one! No one wanted it. Let’s take a picture of it so it feels loved.

Could it be? Is it so? It’s $30! THIS IS THE ONE!!!

So we slapped our tag on it and turned in the tag that was attached to our Carolina Sapphire…

And the Christmas boy comes with a chainsaw…

And BOOM! Holly jolly cheer gets strapped to your SUV in less than 5 minutes. People smile and wave when they see you going down the road.