#707 Roll in the Hay.

After many wasted efforts at trying to get Chevy to learn to sleep on a carpet remnant, a cozy fleece blanket, a U-Haul moving blanket, and a lounge chair cushion, we finally found the magic.

We gave him a bale of hay. We cut the string, broke it up and VOILA! Dog heaven. I mean, if he were a person this would be the equivalent to a winning lotto ticket. Or a trip to Greece. Or… meeting Gerard Butler.

He just kept rolling and burying himself down deep, then jumping and bounding around in it, then hunkering down, then rolling on his back with legs sprawled open wide. He was doing happy whimpers and all but speaking English to us. He kept pawing at us to pet him and rub him, and so we obliged.

I suspect that he’ll be right there when we see him in the morning.
Also, December 7—13 is Love Week! If you were reading last year, you might remember our story. Today’s the day Ben and I first hung out and within 6 days we exchanged “I love you’s”. You can read all about it starting here.