#71 Bring the heat.

(the park below our windows — the community yard… Aren’t you jealous, Josh?)

The weather today… was unbelievable. We opened all the windows and a 63 degree breeze was blowing through the house. We washed Ben’s truck with some of the youth guys’ help, and I swear I’ve never missed my parents’ place at the beach so much. I can’t wait to spend entire days in the sun, feel the wind all around me in the bay on daddy’s boat, to come inside with that slightly burned feeling all over, to feel the salt in my hair, to sit on their balcony and smell the grill cooking our shrimp and steak kabobs, to hear the sea. I do love the promise of springtime. Tomorrow is Buck’s wedding (my very oldest friend, we’ve been buds since pre-kindergarten and he’s more like a cousin to me), and I’m so glad they’re going to have this magical weather for their big day! I think you can feel God’s love surrounding you on days like this.