#719 Anthropologie Sale.

No, but seriously… A REALLY good sale is going on at Anthropologie. Mallorie and I went there tonight and kept picking up great things that were 30% off the already twice marked down price. We both got aprons that were just $5 after tax!

But then I saw this coat. A coat that was snuggly and comfortable. The only one left, and in my size. It was red and plaid and had toggle buttons and I knew I couldn’t live without it…

Except the marked down price was $90. Which was sadly too pricey for me. I asked a girl working in the store if she thought I should buy it. And then she told me a wonderful secret. Tomorrow it will be 50% off of that price, and that she would put it behind the counter and charge and ship it to me tomorrow.

YEEEEEEEEEES! In fact, everything that’s on sale today will be 50% off tomorrow so if you’re in Jackson—hit it up!

If you see me wearing this coat every day through the winter this year and next, don’t be ugly. I just had to have it and I fully intend to get some mileage out of that cost per wear system Ben and I use.