#726 Saturmonday.

What a perfect, slow, quiet day. After the bustle of Christmas, we were happy to get a respite. The unending rain made for a very late morning. We slept until… well I won’t say. It’s embarrassing. I cleaned house for a while then we got dressed and went with Jim and Mallorie to do a little post-Christmas sale shopping. We came home with a hankering for soup and sandwiches, so Ben got out our griddle and made grilled peanut butter and banana sandwiches, pizza sandwiches, and just plain grilled cheeses for us all. There was a little vegetable beef soup on the side for him, and salad for me.

We played with Chevy for the longest time since we brought home a new toy for him. He was so happy to do something fun since he’s been cooped up staying dry in his dog house all day:

This is the most lovable dog on earth. Maybe all great pyrenees are this way, but he does this endearing thing when we stick our hands in the hay and shake it around. He slaps your arm with his front paw then buries his nose in the hay and nuzzles your hand like it’s his favorite thing in the world. So cute.

Dang. I guess I’m a dog person now.