#743 The Hospital Trip.

I spent all morning in the emergency room. It doesn’t sound like this could be the best thing that happened today, does it?

But oh yes—this was a great thing that happened.
You remember when I told y’all about my sick day a while back? I woke up early in the morning/late last night with that same old gnawing ache in my upper abdomen. It always wakes me up from a dead sleep when it happens and today was the 3rd time it’s happened in 3 months. It used to be once a year, then twice a year, now it’s becoming monthly apparently.
This morning I decided it might be important to finally have it looked into seriously, so I woke Ben up and told him I felt like I needed to go to the doctor. We put on clothes and away we went. I got checked in by 8 am and they did tests and bloodwork until around noon when they let me go.
Dr. Larochelle found the problem thanks to the blood test and CAT scan! I now have a name for this infrequent and unwelcome illness and I was given some medicine and scheduled for another test in a couple weeks. It’s such an incredible relief to me—to know it’s not a million other things, but this one thing that’s wrong with me and is hopefully easy to cure. I’ll spare you the details, but I’m very thankful today to have an answer.
I’m feeling great now, just really tired from the sleepless night.  Thank goodness for good doctors.

Update: He was wrong on that diagnosis.