#746 The cleaned up craftsman.

We found out yesterday that Ben’s parents and Jesse are coming to see us tomorrow and finally lay eyes on the new house. We spent today cleaning up the dust from the construction in the living room, throwing stuff away and getting a room or two a little more finished and furnished.

Here are some photos, but we will call them “before” photos because it’s going to be pretty different when we are finished.

 Don’t the bookcases add something special? The living room inspiration is this + this + this.

Dear old uncle Theodore. He passed after contracting syphilis in Paris in the early 1930s. Or, the stranger I felt looked friendly enough to hang in the entryway.  This + this  + this are what’s inspiring the look of the entryway. Also loving this room.

Gonna have a gallery wall of framed art there, the chair and ottoman are getting white canvas custom slipcovers. This room is inspired by this room

The dining room view from the living room. I’m in love with the doors and their original blown glass panes. They’re a little rippled—so lovely. This room is moderately inspired by this room.