#749 Dog walk.

On our walk today I was floored by how beautiful the historic district is. As I am every time we take our walk. Except this time I had my fancy schmancy iPhone to document it. Oddly enough, my friend Dawn had a similar blog topic today. I reckon you need to move to Laurel if you don’t live here already:

The Milhams rode by on bicycles and Chevy was fascinated. He’s never seen a bike in all of his 7 months.

On our 20 minute we walk, we saw 5 friends along the way who all gave the pup a scratch behind the ears. As he was bringing in the garbage cans, our neighbor Mr. Schneider told us the funny things Chevy does early in the mornings that they can see from their kitchen window. I guess because I grew up in the county, having real live “neighbors” is a most wonderful novelty to me.