#752 Dinner Theatre.

In high school, I was in showchoir. Every year we had dinner theatre where you sold tickets for a nice sit-down dinner in the school cafeteria with tablecloths and china, a few fresh flowers here and there.

It’s definitely evolved from what it used to be. Tonight we went to see 4 of our senior guys perform and I couldn’t believe my eyes. The parents are responsible for selling tickets to their own tables, decorating said tables with a theme and providing their own china. It was like a really elaborate wedding reception had taken over the gym.

I’ve never seen these boys sing and dance before. They were so entertaining—it was like seeing them for the first time. It was so different from their usual Bible study and youth trip personalities. I felt like their blood relative seeing them on the stage. I could’ve cried hugging them afterward I was so very proud. My heart swelled at the thought of them graduating and moving on from the youth program this summer.

Nope, not ready to think about that just yet.